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Armidale Pop: 26,642

Mean property price: $280,000
Schools: 8 primary schools, 9 high schools
From Sydney: 567km

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Tamworth Pop: 58,520

Mean property price: $240,000
Schools: 29 primary schools, 11 high schools
From Sydney: 387km

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Dubbo Pop: 41,211

Mean property price: $220.000
Schools: 14 primary schools, 6 secondary schools
From Sydney: 400km

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Bathurst Pop: 39,339

Mean property price: $319,000
Schools: 7 primary schools, 15 secondary schools
From Sydney: 200km

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Orange Pop: 38,685

Mean property price: $411,074
Schools: 13 primary schools, 5 high schools
From Sydney: 260km

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Wagga Wagga
Pop: 62,904

Mean property price: $292,000
Schools: 20 primary schools, 8 secondary schools
From Sydney: 450km

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Albury Pop: 47,810

Median property price: $267,000
Schools: 17 primary schools, 7 secondary schools
From Sydney: 550km

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